Voice Diagnostix
Voice Diagnostix


Videostroboscopy examinations are quick and painless. Our mobile technology utilizes a strobe light source to emit light pulses at a slower rate than the vibrating vocal folds causing them to appear as though they are in slow motion. The rigid scope camera is attached to a thin metal rod with a 70 degree angled lens and will simply rest on your tongue. It doesn't go all the way back, and it doesn't go "down" your throat.

Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallow (FEES) examinations are also easy and pain-free. A small, slender endoscope passes through the floor of the patient's nasal pathway. The endoscope, equipped with bright, clear LED light and camera allows the SLP to clearly see the patient's entire laryngeal area while the patient eats and drinks comfortably. 

Color images are projected on the laptop in real-time, and it takes 5-10 minutes  to complete. The patient may notice mild discomfort initially, but after the scope is introduced, this feeling of discomfort soon subsides.


Both videostroboscopy and FEES can identify voice and swallowing problems because the soft tissue is visible. The video can be played back for more effective analysis and correct diagnosis. Did you know that diagnosis changes 50% of the time after a videostroboscopy? Read more HERE. Be sure of your diagnosis with our services!

Regular endoscopy only shows gross motor movement, and lighting may be poor. With LED lights and a greater magnification level, the vocal folds can be examined with greater accuracy. 

Modified Barium Swallow studies (an alternative to FEES) have been used, but expose patients to dangerous radiation, require a radiologist to be present, and can cost $500 or more for transportation and support staff. Equipment is bulky and the barium (which can taste bad) must be swallowed by the patient in a timely manner so the radiation exposure is limited. Larger patients have trouble fitting into the MBS equipment for a proper view.

Benefits of FEES:

  • Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallow (FEES) allows the patient to eat at a regular pace.
  • NO exposure to radiation
  • FEES allows for the patient to sit upright in more comfortable areas.
  • No wasted time coordinating schedules of radiologist and physician
  • No patient aversion to barium and no post-test constipation from barium


Patient Benefit

Mobile services can help patients who otherwise wouldn't be able to get an examination.

FEES is perfect for:

  • Inpatient hospitals
  • Long term acute care  facilities
  • Intensive Care Units
  • Obese patients
  • Patients on mechanical ventilation
  • Fragile patients can sit in bed or in geri chair
  • Physician offices
  • Patient's home

Patients are more comfortable staying in familiar surroundings. Voice Diagnostix can accommodate patients to improve cooperation and to gain the best exam possible. On-site team collaboration is encouraged because it leads to better follow-through with recommendations, plan of care creation and ultimately the best quality of life for all our patients.

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